I’ve worked in the wine industry for most of my working life and have seen the enjoyment and excitement of receiving bespoke small parcels of unique wines can bring. And I wondered if we could engender the same passion for craft beers with a similar membership community …

Some wine companies will look to bring in small parcels of wine from local vineyards that can’t be sourced elsewhere, rather than buying in bulk from some of the biggest producers. Their wines can’t be found in the supermarkets and it’s the same with our beers at Smiths Brew Club.

Smiths Brew Club is run by beer enthusiasts for our members. We want to bring you ales, bitters and lagers which you can’t buy in your local off-licence or corner shop.

The number of breweries in the UK has doubled in the last ten years and there are now over two thousand producers of fantastic beers, all with their own unique taste. If each brewery has half a dozen standard offerings with half a dozen guest or seasonal products per year, that means there are 20,000 individual beers out there – and we’re committed to bringing them all to your front door.

If we select a case of a dozen beers each month then it will take us over a hundred years to get through them all. We’re willing to try if you are!

Ben Smith
Chairman, Smiths Brew Club